Доработка Autocom CDP PRO 5-ти значного

Проверяем как подключена микросхема AU5790, если она установлена не правильно то исправляем это. Впаиваем CAN фильтры если их нет. Проверяем ёмкости и резисторы в обвязке фильтров. Запаиваем резисторы как на первой картинке в обвязке микросхемы. AU5790

Repair Autocom CDP VCI

Test interface with usb cable, not bluetooth
use software without internet connection or add " activation.autocom.se" to
C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file
firmware must be upgraded with vci connected to car, and to pc with usb cable

Most important is Change R74 and R75 + 2 K-line trancievers and will be OK on BMW E60 and E90.

You have to change all together! If change first K-line trancievers and than connect to any brand of car, you will have to buy another pair of trancievers!)

1. check/replace 2 resitors > 390 ohm: R74/R75 SMD ones should be marked 391 or 3900 (not 39R0 = 39 ohm, not 300 = 30 Ohm)

2. check/replace poor quality Vishay or SI9241 K-line transceivers > 9241A:

Check voltage on K and L line with multimeter. On idle you must have about 12V on them. When you start communication with car lines shortly go down on about 1V. If you don't get that voltage drop try to check signal on TX input of 9141 IC. If you have some pulse (i think from -5V to 5V)

during initializing of connection with car then 9241 IC is surely defective

maybe transceiver is ok, change 3.9 or 39 ohm > 560 ohm on pull-up resistor of SI9241 (or 470 ohm up to 1 Kohm)

3. check/replace relays: bad K-Line comunication: 1 relay in relay board freeze to position "ON". open the relay with a knife and I set the weight inside the spring to automatically switch to the OFF position

When CDP powered and connected to USB, run SW and connect to any car (no need for a real car!) and then go back to main SW window. measure relay coils and see how many are ON: 3 relays must be ON when in this window! If only 2 are ON BMW E60 and E90 don't work!

only 2 red marked must be ON when standby, both 2 red and 2 green marked (1 relay for obd pin 1 and 1 relay for obd pin 7 and 15) must be ON with bmw

replace relays drivers ic's LV125D > NPX 74LV125D

when applied 5v on one relay, if 3 relays turn ON this is not OK, only one by one must turn ON (+ is common for all relays, drive with –, you can test all of them just moving ground)

with bmw problem is on relay pcb, relays are ok, must be 1 of the relay drivers replace MAX chips on relay board and if Ford not work get new OKI chip

4. check/replace oki chip, some come defective, or replace made in japan > thailand

5. check/replace capacitors (need 47uF 50V for trucks) replace all capacitors on PCB to electrolitic

6. check/replace voltage regulator near capacitors 7. check obd2 connector pins, all straight, not bended

8. check/replace 4 resitors together max1487: R36 (R1143) 47 Ohms, R34 (R1144) 10K, R33 (R1141) 10K, R35 (R1142) 10K or 470 ohms ???

9. check resitor R58 and capacitors C11 and C5 (different between working and not working autocoms). with 9241A diagram you can see that K line need resistor to Vbat (this is 500ohm on both autocom) and capacitor to GND (measured this capacitance in circuit and on working AC is 40nF and on non working AC is 100nF) or change C11 to 102pF = 1nF

10. solder some surface of pcb with hot air

11. open the clone ,get a good flux, remake all soldures of the pcb

12. check/replace IC close to usb port ATMLH124 > 93LC4681

By monacao